Failure from Malaysia and Korea

Patient:65 year old, Male.
  • On referral from specialist periodontist with concerns of unsatisfactory full arch tooth and dental implant dental crown and bridge work.
  • Poor dental implant and tooth crown margin fit – allowing substantial space for bacterial plaque and food particle accumulation leading to
    • Rampant dental caries (tooth decay) development.
    • Moderate to severe peri-implantitis and periodontitis / periodontal disease (gum and bone infection) around multiple implants and natural teeth respectively.
  • Dismantle of all dental implant and tooth supported crown and bridgework – with assistance of CADCAM implant abutment screw location stents – to allow for:
    • Investigation of the extent of damage and restorability of underlying teeth and dental implants.
    • Periodontal and peri-implant (gum and bone) tissue therapy.
  • Removal of all remaining upper natural teeth (6 teeth) and 2 upper failed dental implants found to have poor prognosis or unrestorable.
  • Surgical placement of 3 dental implants using CADCAM implant surgical stents.
  • Construction of new dental implant bridges (screw retrievable) – on newly placed and preexisting dental implants – to replace upper missing teeth.
  • NOTE: Treatment in Progress – More photos to be loaded.