Failure from French Polynesia





Patient:54 year old, Female.
  • On referral from specialist periodontist – recurrent peri-implantitis (gum and bone infection around multiple dental implants) – upper and lower front (central and lateral incisor teeth) teeth regions.
  • Recurrent bleeding, pain and swelling around dental implant crown and bridge work – on French dental implant system.
  • Unsatisfactory full arch tooth supported and dental implant supported crown and bridgework
  • Poor dental implant and tooth crown margin fit leading to
    • Substantial space for bacterial plaque and food particle accumulation.
    • Mechanical damage to underlying dental implants.
  • Pink acrylic flange design of dental implant bridge used to camouflage poor dental implant placement and underlying loss of gum and bone – blocks any access for oral hygiene measures (cleaning).
  • Moderate to severe periimplantitis and periodontitis / periodontal disease (gum and bone infection) around multiple implants and natural teeth respectively.
  • Unnecessarily excessive number of dental implants placed in limited space – leaving
    • Poor blood supply to bone surrounding each dental implant
    • Some implants unrestorable (without cover) – as in contact (touching) each other.
  • Determine details of French dental implant system to order necessarily components.
  • Dismantle and investigation of all preexisting dental crown and bridge work to determine the restorability and extent of damage to underlying dental implants.
  • Periodontal and peri-implant (gum and bone) therapy by specialist periodontist.
  • Construction of new upper dental implant crown and bridge work (screw retrievable) with design changes.
  • Removal of 1 failed and placement of implant cover screw of 1 trapped dental implant (left in place due to close proximity to adjacent tooth) under preexisting lower dental implant bridge and placement.
  • NOTE: Dental treatment provided was limited to dental implant crown and bridge work to relief symptoms relating to infection. Further treatment is required to replace all remaining dental crowns to further optimise dental health.