68 year old, Female

Patient:68 year old, Female
  • Seeking cosmetic dental treatment for heavily filled upper teeth with failing preexisting composite veneers.
  • Restoration of recently root canal treated upper right back teeth.
  • All upper teeth demonstrate multiple fillings (amalgam / composite) with deteriorating margin breakdown, colour (shade) and shape (contour) degradation resulting in poor functional (eating and chewing) and aesthetic / cosmetic appearance.
  • Heavy clenching / grinding (parafunctional) habit suspected with back teeth demonstrating signs of cracks (fractures).
  • Dismantle and investigation of all preexisting composite veneers / fillings to confirm restorability of remaining teeth.
  • Conventional tooth supported dental ceramic veneers or ¾ crowns and ceramic onlays on upper central and lateral incisor, canine and premolar teeth.
  • Adjustment and stabilisation of occlusion (bite) via the nightly use of upper full arch splint.