46 year old, Male

Patient:46 year old, Male
  • Worn and sensitive teeth to food and drinks
  • Seeking improvement in function (eating and chewing)
  • History of teeth clenching and grinding habits and soft drink consumption
  • “I want to save my teeth. I don’t want removable false teeth”
  • Missing teeth
  • Severe – moderate tooth wear generalised from functional and parafunctional (bruxism) habits (clenching and grinding).
  • Localised loosening of teeth from heavy biting (occlusal trauma / overload)
  • Tooth Decay
  • Pulpal (nerve tissue death) from decay and tooth wear
  • Mild-moderate gum and bone loss (periodontal disease)


  • Root canal treatment – upper right 2nd molar and upper right central incisor
  • Crown lengthening – gum and bone trimming procedure on upper front teeth
  • Full upper arch prosthodontic rehabilitation at increased occlusal vertical dimension (bite height).
  • Composite filling, strategic ceramic / porcelain (3/4 crowns, crowns, onlays, bridgework) in teeth providing support to occlusion (bite).
  • Construction of upper full arch splint to protect remaining teeth and restorations from further wear and fracture (night use only).
  • Monitor lower teeth – future treatment as required.