48 year old, Female

Patient:48 year old, Female
  • All teeth are extremely sensitive (painful) teeth to food and drinks and biting pressure – impacting on normal eating, chewing and drinking functions.
  • Complex medical history and dental anxiety
  • Localised severe tooth wear in upper front teeth and premolars – from functional and parafunctional (bruxism) habits (clenching and grinding) and acid erosion.
  • Heighted sensitivity – displaying signs of central sensitization (chronic dental pain).
  • Upper jaw prosthodontic rehabilitation in reorganised approach at increased occlusal vertical dimension (bite height) – under IV sedation.
  • Tooth extraction of unrestorable teeth and implant placement by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.
  • Composite fillings and strategic ceramic / porcelain restorations (veneers, onlays) in teeth with decay, fracture and moderate tooth wear.
  • Implant supported screw retained crown for replacement of missing tooth (upper right premolar/molar region).
  • Construction of upper full arch splint to protect remaining teeth and restorations from further wear and fracture (night use only).
  • Collaboration with an oral medicine specialist in the management of central sensitisation.