46 year old, Female

Patient:46 year old, Female
  • Failing (10+ years) dental bridge in her upper teeth – presented with persistent pain and infection.
  • Unsatisfactory dental bridge with
    • Poor marginal fit to underlying teeth – leading to substantial decay, endodontic (pulpal nerve) and periodontitis / periodontal disease (gum and bone infection).
    • Poor aesthetic or cosmetic appearance – metal margin display at gum line, mismatched dental midline relative to facial midline, incisal plane cant (teeth appears shorter on the patient’s left than right hand side).
  • Dismantle and investigation of all preexisting dental crown and bridge to determine the restorability of remaining teeth (saving teeth where possible if prognosis is favourable).
  • Temporary dental crown and bridge based on smile makeover design with diagnostic wax up – to allow for daily function whilst treatment takes place in stages.
  • Conventional tooth supported dental crown and bridge on restorable teeth (upper right first premolar to upper left central incisor tooth).
  • 5 unit dental implant supported bridge for the replacement of unrestorable teeth (upper left lateral incisor to first molar tooth).