42 year old, Male

Patient:42 year old, Male
  • Worn and sensitive (painful) to food and drinks – upper and lower front teeth and lower molars.
  • Seeking improvement in function (eating and chewing).
  • Reliance on upper occlusal splint to protect tooth wear – limited to night use only.
  • Severe – moderate tooth wear attrition from functional and parafunctional (bruxism) habits (clenching and grinding).
  • Signs of cracked tooth syndrome and marginal ridge (tooth) fracture in lower molars.
  • Full mouth prosthodontic rehabilitation at increased occlusal vertical dimension (bite height).
  • Composite fillings, strategic ceramic / porcelain and cast metal restorations (veneers, onlays) in teeth providing support to occlusion (bite).
  • Construction of upper full arch splint to protect remaining teeth and restorations from further wear and fracture (night use only).