62 year old, Female

Patient:62 year old, Female
  • Heavily worn down front teeth resulting in short teeth appearance.
  • Seeking improvement in function (eating and chewing) and aesthetic / cosmetic smile improvement.
  • Localised severe tooth wear in upper front teeth and heavily restored / repaired back teeth.
  • Suspected dentoalveolar compensatory eruption – impacting on interarch prosthetic space and gum architecture (gum height and symmetry).
  • Upper jaw prosthodontic rehabilitation in reorganised approach at existing occlusal vertical dimension (bite height).
  • Aesthetic crown lengthening procedure to optimise gum height and symmetry by a specialist periodontist.
  • Occlusal (bite) adjustments and equilibration, composite fillings, strategic ceramic / porcelain restorations (veneers and full coverage crowns) in teeth with extensive tooth wear and/or those with large fillings at risk of fracture.
  • Construction of upper full arch splint to protect remaining teeth and restorations from further wear and fracture (night use only).