27 year old, Female

Patient:27 year old, Female
  • Tooth discoloration and loose teeth.
  • Never smiles and cannot eat properly.
  • Rampant dental caries (tooth decay) and severe periodontitis / periodontal disease (gum and bone infection) with suspected underlying medical / metabolic disorder.
  • Need for disease stabilisation before further definitive dental treatment plan.
  • Composite veneers / fillings on teeth with fair periodontal (gum and bone) prognosis as assigned by a specialist periodontist.
  • Extraction (removal) of all lower teeth and upper back teeth with hopeless prognosis.
  • Construction of an upper partial and lower complete acrylic denture – with the view to consider dental implant supported dentures or dental implant retained dentures in the long term.
  • Ongoing collaboration with medical GP / specialists and periodontal treatment (gum and bone) and maintenance with a specialist periodontist as required.