It was nice to see new faces and to welcome back our past attendees at our first seminar of Perth Prosthodontics Education 2020. Dr Janice Kan’s seminar on “The Consultation and Diagnostic Process” at the University Club of Western Australia was very well received. The blending of theory with practical tips and tricks provided by Dr Kan serves as a foundation in patient communication and engagement and we look forward to running this again in future years.
We are sorry that some of you missed out on registering for this event, can we suggest ensuring your contact details are on our mailing list so that you can secure your spot early for the next seminar by emailing This seminar is part of our Prosthodontic Mini-Residency Certificate Program. The program consists of 10 seminars over 24 months (Jan 2020-Dec 2021).
The remaining 2020 Prosthodontic Mini-Residency Certificate Program seminars are as follows:
1. Simple Rules for Superior Smiles
2. Hands-On Workshop – Basic Dental Photography
3. Step by Step – Aesthetic and Functional Prosthodontic
4. The Art and Science of Treatment Plan Acceptance
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Immediate Final Full Arch Fixed Implant Prosthesis – Now A Reality


On October 31st, it was good to see new faces and many returning members in the final Perth ITI Study Club meeting for 2019. Attendees had the special privilege of hearing Dr Philip Tan, a registered specialist prosthodontist from Melbourne, deliver the presentation titled: “Immediate Final Arch Fixed Implant Prosthesis – Now a Reality”.





This presentation explored the evolution and challenges that comes with the changes in treatment protocols. It had also expanded on the current state of the art technology, AuDentes, with particular emphasis on patient selection and clinical appropriateness.

More information on AuDentes can be found on their website or through the partnering practice –  Bayside Dental Specialists.


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Perth Prosthodontics Education – All on 4

Perth Prosthodontic Education held an informative seminar on “All on 4 – What is the hype? Treatment plan considerations” at the Perth Prosthodontics’ South Perth practice in September 2019. The seminar was presented by the director of Perth Prosthodontics – Dr Janice Kan.

The“All on 4” treatment concept is a highly complex surgical and prosthodontic procedure that has received much attention with successful and extensive marketing. As a result, it is fast becoming a popular and sometimes the “default” treatment, both for prospective patients and clinicians. After much discussion throughout the night, it was highlighted that there is a growing concern regarding patients believing they know more than a dentist about All on 4 due to the patients research on Google. Attendees not only had a great time learning about All on 4, but it was also a fantastic opportunity to interact and catch up with their peers.

The full synopsis of the seminar can be found here.

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Hands on Workshop – Implant Overdentures Direct Pick Up Attachment Using Novaloc Abutments

Another successful event as Dr Janice Kan hosted the second Perth ITI Study Club for 2019, Hands on Workshop – Implant Overdentures Direct Pick Up Attachment Using Novaloc Abutments.

Perth Prosthodontics’ Dr Thomas Elliott, along with Jemma Morgan and Tom Cochrane from Straumann were on hand to assist with demonstrations and answer questions.





These events are ideal for clinicians who want to learn new techniques and improve their skill in dentistry. Perth Prosthodontic Education programs are an unique opportunity to learn from the elite in Perth. Dr Janice Kan along with Dr Thomas Elliott and Dr Armand Putra are renowned clinicians who are recognised internationally.


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Perth Prosthodontics Appears in Print!

This week you may notice a familiar face on the cover of a magazine. Our principal prosthodontist- Dr Janice Kan was selected to grace the cover of MostWA– a popular Chinese magazine in Western Australia (August 2019, Vol 33, page 12-15). The article covers some of the benefits of seeing a prosthodontist and why dental procedures should not be left to chance overseas. The article is written in both Chinese and English for their readers.


Dr Janice Kan also appeared in the renowned Vogue Australia – Cosmetics magazine (July Issue 45, page 46-47), earlier this month. In this piece readers can uncover what a prosthodontist can achieve for a patient and what sets Perth Prosthodontics apart from other practices. In August, this same article will appear in the Chinese edition of Vogue Australia – Cosmetics magazine.


With such esteem, you can be sure that the team at Perth Prosthodontics is highly skilled and will be able to find a solution for your needs. Please contact our friendly staff for more information on how we can help you bring a more beautiful smile.


Dental Renovation Rescue- Full Arch Prosthodontics Rehabilitation

The full day event was a great success with attendance at maximum capacity. Highlights of the event below.

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Masterclass in Advanced Prosthodontics
Full Day Course with Live Demonstration

*** Dental Renovation Rescue– Full Arch Prosthodontics Rehabilitation ***


Presenters: Dr Janice Kan and Dr Armand Putra

Topics Covered

  • History taking and examination
  • Diagnostic record taking
  • Classification of tooth surface loss and aetiology
  • Prognostic factors to treatment success
  • Decision making: To treat or not to treat?
  • Step by Step – Treatment Planning
    • Interarch prosthetic space
    • Conformative vs. reorganised approach
    • Tooth wear distribution – localised or generalised?
    • Choice of OVD and occlusal scheme
    • Choice of restorative materials and techniques
    • Assessment of tooth restorability
  • Step by Step – Execution of Full Arch Prosthodontic Rehabilitation
    • Segmental Quadrant Approach
    • Full Arch Simultaneous Approach
    • Maintenance of prosthodontic rehabilitation
  • Case Presentations
  • Live Demo
    • Facial and dental analysis
    • Analog vs digital impression, facebow mounting and bite registration, diagnostic wax up
    • Mock up – showcase chairside vs digital mock ups


Perth Prosthodontics Education: Hands On Workshop- Dental Photography

Last night, Perth Prosthodontics hosted our Masterclass in Advanced Prosthodontics – Hands On Workshop – Dental Photography, where Dr Armand Putra shared his knowledge on clinical photographs.

Participants had the opportunity to practice the use of retractors, mirrors, contrastors and digital cameras under guidance.
– Different armamentarium needed for dental photography
– Basic camera settings
– Positioning and use of retractors and mirrors

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Perth ITI Study Club- Making Implant Surgical Stent April 9th

On April 9th,  we had our first Perth ITI Study Club meeting for 2019. Perth Prosthodontics’ Dr Armand Putra presented on Making Implant Surgical Stent – Conventional and Digital followed by a lively Q&A session and a demonstration from Omni Dental’s Mr Lachlan Thompson.


Single tooth implant surgery can be a challenging procedure to execute.  With the help of surgical guide, clinicians are able to decrease surgical uncertainty by pre-planning implant position and gain better control of the implant surgery and restoration.  This presentation will explore step by step approach in conventional and digital CADCAM implant planning and guide construction – allowing for more predictable results and reduce surgical time.


Key points:

  • Key clinical and radiographical parameters in the planning of implant positioning
  • Recognise the conventional and digital work flow of surgical guide
  • Understand the how to make a conventional guide and a digital CADCAM surgical guide
  • Understand the benefits and limitation of the conventional and digital CADCAM surgical guide


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ITI Evening Seminar April 3rd, 2019- ‘Key to Success – Implant Aesthetics’

Dr Armand Putra’s presentation on ‘Key to Success – Implant Aesthetics’ was very well received at the latest ITI evening Seminar.


‘Implant therapy in the aesthetic zone has always been challenging. With the development of technology and new materials, we are able to tackle more demanding cases with increasing success.


Communication between the surgeon, restorative dentist and the laboratory technician is crucial to deliver a successful treatment outcome.

  • Macro and micro aesthetics
  • Surgical considerations for the optimal restorative outcome
  • The role of provisionalisation in determining critical and sub-critical zone
  • Selection of restorative material
  • Different restorative options when restoring implant’


ITI Congress Australasia held on the Gold Coast, March 8-9 2019 was a great success!

For the first time, ITI Congress Australasia offered rotating educational platforms in the technology pods. Dr Janice Kan was amongst the ITI Key Opinion Leaders who showcased technological or procedural developments. Her presentation on ‘Overdentures direct pick up attachment using Novaloc® abutments’ demonstrated how other industry colleagues can advance their practice to a new level of success in addition to the incorporation of cutting-edge treatment designed to enhance patient care.​

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